Downloading files from our server to your computer

To open "zip" files

Once you've clicked on the link I sent you, this page will open in your browser. I'm using Chrome, but most browsers will be similar. Click on the underlined link ending in zip. It will start downloading. Depending on the amount of photos, and the speed of your internet, it might take a while.

Once it's finished downloading, click on the little arrow on the tab to the left of the downloaded file. Select "Show in folder".

High light this file by clicking on it once with your left mouse button.(don't double click, or the zip file will open). Then, click on the file with your right mouse button, there will be lots of choices. Select "copy".

I hope you have a friend that can help you to organize and create folders onto a separate hard drive for storage. I really, really recommend an external USB drive. If you are saving any files to your "C" drive, they are vulerable to viruses, corrupte hard drive issues, and other downright nasty things that can cause all of the files to be lost or ruined!

Make a folder with today's date, right click in the folder and select "paste". The zip file will copy itself from where ever you downloaded it, into this new folder. From here you can select the individual files contained into the zipped archive and use them in your marketing.

Using the Web Gallery to down load images

Click on the link that does not contain "zip" in it's name.

A thumbnail gallery will open. Scroll through it, (there are usually page numbers on the bottom of the page) until you see a photo you need to save. Click on the thumbnail, and a larger, higher resolution file will open. Click anywhere on this big photo with your right mouse button, select "save image as" and save it in a folder with today's date, just like the instructions above.

All finished!

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