Once you've logged onto utahrealestate.com, click on the listings pull down tab, and select "Residential Listings" (#1)

Find the listing that you need to edit, select it by checking the box next to the photo. (#2) If no one has uploaded any photos, the photo box will be empty. Click on the "Edit Listing" tab (#3).

Click "Edit Photos" (#4)

Click on the upload photos tab (#5) and upload the images that you downloaded from our server. Follow directions to edit files, arranging them so that the most important images are at the top of the page. Choose an exterior image for the Featured Photo (#6). Click commit all changes (#7) to save your edits.

Although we load the Property Tour for you, you must now select our parent company, SLCity.com as your provider. Click "Edit Property Tour" (#8). Please note, we upload your photos to our server before we create your tour. If the tour is not immediately linked, it could be that we are still hard at work creating your fact sheet and photo tour.

If Slcity is not showing as your tour provider, select Slcity from the list of Vendors (#9). Click "Save Tour" (#10) to save your edits.

All finished!

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